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US Tax Liens Investment

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About fund

RELF from Regolith

RELF (Real Estate Liquidation Fund) offers an opportunity to invest in U.S. real estate, focusing on markets where demand exceeds supply, such as in states like Florida and Texas. The fund aims to ensure stable capital growth through profitable real estate transactions.

How It Works

Income with tax instruments, certificates and liens

The fund actively invests in tax certificates (Tax Certificates) and rights to collect property taxes (Tax Liens), offering an expected yield ranging from 12% to 25% annually. Additionally, the fund participates in auctions, acquiring real estate at least 30% below market price, which allows for a return of over 30% after renovation and sale of the property.

More about Tax Certificates and Tax Liens The fund purchases tax certificates and rights to collect taxes, allowing it to charge high interest rates until the redemption period expires. If the tax debt is not repaid, the ownership right to the property transfers to the fund, after which necessary repairs and improvements are made, and then the property is sold at a profit of more than 30%. This process provides the fund and its investors with a stable and high income.

Fund Operation Process

Real estate transactions with profit

The fund engages in acquiring land, houses, and commercial real estate at post-confiscation auctions, where purchases are made at least 30% below market value, ensuring high potential for value growth through repairs and improvements. Typically, this process takes 6 to 9 months, allowing investors to see the expected profit in the short term.


Invest in US Real Estate

The RELF fund management team from Regolith consists of experienced professionals in the U.S. real estate market. These experts not only possess deep market knowledge but also strictly adhere to certain criteria when selecting investment properties. For instance, with properties in Florida, special attention is paid to those located within 20 miles of the coast. Such nuances ensure high liquidity and potential for value growth. This approach maximizes returns for investors, ensuring that the fund invests wisely and strategically approaches each transaction.

Minimum Entry 100 000$
Target Investment Return 18-25%
Order of Payments 1 time per 6 months
Deal Terms
Deal fee 0%
Exit fee 0%
Success Fee 30%
Management fee (in a year) 0%