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Peter Reading

Peter Reading

Co-Founder & CEO

About company

Communication platform         

Qwil is the world's first B2B SaaS instant messaging platform for financial companies. A banking-level platform for communication between employees and clients and storing all information between them.

More than 3,000 companies, 12,000 full-time employees and 1,000,000 end clients of these companies use Qwil every day - from banks, funds to crypto companies that require compliance audits. For 5 years, not a single company using Qwil has returned to communicating via E-mail.

The undisputed UK leader with a global market potential of $82.36 billion. Extremely scalable and difficult to replicate proprietary SaaS platform - no direct competitors.

P.S. The SEC fined Bank of America, Citibank, JP Morgan and others more than $2B for using WhatsApp and violating obligations to retain all information between employees and clients. Qwil - solves this problem.



History of the company's creation

  • Established in 2017. From secure & compliant "WhatsApp" alternative for Fis to the the world's first B2B Saas all-in-one client communication platform for all professional service firms. Network effect as common diattorm.             
  • As of 2023 Qwil Chat, file sharing & manager, e-signature & video meetings...replacing a lot of apps! Deployed to c. 3,000 individual companies, 12,000 staff users and (eventually) up to 750,000 end client users.
  • Meeting the needs for all firms, all sizes and sectors. Sold over 600 licenses in 1 month on AppSumo US marketplace as a POc for indirect sales.
  • Enterprise clients St. James' Place, Fidelity, NedBank, Global Block Digital Trading, and 100s of SMEs from             
    all sectors (medical, real estate, education, consulting, accounting, finance etc.             
  • Automated deplovment. globallv scalable & hard-to-replicate proprietarv Saas plattorm - zero direct competitors. ISO 27001. HIPAA compliant. Cyber Essentials Plus. Patent granted.
  •  Circa $1m ARR from sticky / multiple year enterprise contracts. Huge opportunities to increase revenues, volume and capture market share in a high growth 100s billion $ "product" lead market. Raised $4.5m to date. Latest round of £807k in January 2023 to shift to SaaS S&M model, building the Inbouna ana outbound sales platform & automated plattorm.
  • Only 10 staff!



Solving professional firms greatest challenges



  • Security&Compliance. A walled garden for verified staff and clients to communicate with a full audit trail. Control and banking securitv.
  • Saving the Toggle tax. All-in one client communication platform for staff to chat, share docs, e-signatures & video calls.
  • Staff & Client expectations. A professional "WhatsApp" alternative for staff & clients. To use in the control of the company.             


Single professional application    


Our vision is a convenient application for employees, clients and landlords to create a network effect and optimize time.  


WhatsApp alternative     

Social / Traditional (Not Authenticated)

Out of control of the business (Shadow IT) with no audit trail. Security is not ensured despite encryption as user identity is not verified. Increases risk of data breach and fines.

Internal / Org. to Org. (Not for Clients)

Collaboration platforms with 1 user type (staff) which can invite limited external guests (customers = staff) to channels to work on projects.



Banking level platform



  • Invitation only branded platform with 2 user types staff & clients)
  • User address book defined by firm for privacy & confidentiality
  • Co-Ordinated multi-party chats according to pre-defined rules with full audit trail
  • Share & store files & images securely, request signatures & broadcast


You can watch the demo version.






Deployable in minutes standalone but also enabling endless integrations and automations into ecosystems.



Confidentiality and reliability



Enterprise security and compliance are available to companies of all sizes. Qwil took care of this.



Cost savings and efficiencies across the board




$30 per staff/month, and 2x more if you want the same level of security & compliance!



Total Addressable Market


Qwil is ideally positioned to capture a % of each "single use" market.




Our sales strategy: shifting from a "solution" for enterprise to a scalable SaaS product for all sectors and geographies.



Strategy in numbers

Largest UK financial adviser network - 15% of UK market using S James Place as an example.

  • Sales process (Enterprise):            
    - June 2019: Agreed to pilot            
    - Dec 2010° Intosec & risk done            
    - March 2020: Commercials agreed            
    - April 2020: Deployment 6500 staff in 3 weeks            
    - Dec 2020: Integration in Salestorce
  • Statistics June 2023:            
    - 2,875 tenancies (independent companies)            
    - 6 485/8.500 statt contract            
    - 2,723,831 messages sent            
    - Adding up to 850,000 clients

Largest marketplace for Entrepreneurs for discounted deals using Appsumo as an example.

  • Sales process (Marketplace)            
    - March 2023: Selected by AppSumo, commercials agreed, landing page, materials and video            
    - April: Fully automated workflow with code checking, new APIs for deployment            
     - May: Launch with email campaign, self serve.
  • Statistics June 2023:            
    - Day 1: 50 licenses            
    - Week 1: 220 licenses            
    - 30 days: 450 licenses            
    - 6 June: 603 licences, 140+ companies from Medical, law, tax, consulting, Web, Education, Real-estate (70% US)            



Simple SaaS Pricing increased in line with features

Ability to restrict features, self-serve & billing in Q4 & opens up plan flexibility.            






Сompleting features & self serve management.



Raising +$1m to become a verb     


More than 2,800 clients
Company certificates and licenses
Peter Reading
Peter Reading
Co-Founder & CEO
Date Foundation 2017 year
Number of Employees 10
Attracted investments $4.5M
Company valuation $72M
Average company growth +21,4%
Expected upside (2025) 7x
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