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Real Estate Fund

Real Estate Fund

Profitable Real Estate in Dubai

Real estate
Vadim Markov

Vadim Markov

CEO & Co-Founder

About the Fund

Real Estate Fund Review

ZOOM 02.11.2023



About Basera

The company's specialisation is the leasing and efficient management of residential and commercial economy class properties in Dubai.      

The company offers investors the opportunity to receive a stable income in currency from rental payments in the form of quarterly dividends.

They provide investors with the opportunity to receive a stable income in foreign currency from rental payments, thanks to our expertise and high profitability of our portfolio of properties. A team of professionals guarantees maximum management efficiency and maximisation of investment opportunities. 



Operating Buildings Under Our Management



Business Model

The UAE law ensures protection for all involved parties.

The company rents the entire premises for a long period, receiving a cheap rental price, puts the facility in order and re-rents the apartments separately for a higher monthly price. The occupancy rate of such buildings is almost 100%.

Thanks to experience and some clever tactics, such as paying the first payment from investments, and the second payment with incoming rental payments, the return on the invested funds is several times higher than the market.



Current Situation. Spring 2024


  • 9 properties for rent
  • $240K revenue
  • $157K net profit
  • $5.25M net assets
  • $1.3M invested by founders
  • 24-35% return on invested capital
  • 20+ objects under management 
  • 15+ employees 
  • 100% occupancy



Why Does it Work?

  • State protection. The real estate market is registered - for example, the tenant pays a fine if they depart early, and the landlord can evict the tenant only by notifying them 12 months in advance.
  • Payment guarantee. The tenant prepays at least a month in advance and leaves a deposit that will cover 1 month of rent if they depart without notice.
  • High demand. Most buildings are fully occupied at the time we rent them. We only need to maintain the premises, collect rent and renew contracts.
  • Low chance of downtime. As per the contract, the tenant is required to give notice of termination of the contract 2–3 months in advance. This minimises downtime and allows you to find new tenants by the former tenant leaves the property.
  • No expenses for major repairs. In the vast majority of cases, major repairs (elevators, structural repairs, ventilation and other communications) are not covered by us, but by the building owner.
  • The market is not oversaturated. The market for management companies is difficult to enter. This market is mainly occupied by expats from India and Pakistan. For others, there is a high barrier to entry into this market, which leads to less competition.



Example of Unit Economics of One Building

All amounts in the table are in US$.

In this example, the investor, having invested $300k, ultimately receives a profit of 96k, which is 32% on the invested funds.



Current Investment Opportunities

  • $2.466.000 - total investment required in 3 buildings
  • Annual return rate: 25%
  • Dividend payout frequency: Once per quarter
  • Minimum investment duration: 1 year

Hurry up before all the investment spots are sold out! 🚀



Area of Responsibility


  • Registration of all necessary contracts with the Dubai Land Department (DLD);
  • Collection of rent payments from tenants;
  • Renewal of contracts with current tenants;
  • Search for new tenants;
  • Minor repairs;
  • Cleaning of common areas;
  • Provision of water, electricity, and air conditioning in common areas;
  • Management of other issues related to building maintenance.


Market Projections from 2023→2040


  • 3 million migrants → 7 million migrants
  • $10 billion economic rental market → $25 billion economic rental market
  • 14,000 targeted buildings → 25,000 targeted buildings


Investment for 12 months, With the Possibility of Extension

Features of Investments


  • Regolith platform commission is 30% of the profit received. (Investor's net return is 17-25%, after commission)
  • The decision to extend or return the body of the debt 3 months before the end of the term.
Vadim Markov
Vadim Markov
CEO & Co-Founder
Formation date May 2022
Asset valuation $5 250 000
Number of houses 9
ROI 25%
Average ROI per quarter 6.25%
Deal Fee 0%
Exit Fee 0%
Carried interest 30%
Management fee 0%
Minimum investment period 1 year
Dividends Every quarter
Profit potential Medium
Risk potential Low

Real Estate Fund

Profitable Real Estate in Dubai

$100,000 Min. amount