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Gleb Fomichev

Gleb Fomichev

Founder & CEO

About the company

Webinar with CEO, founder - Gleb Fomichev

ZOOM 24.04.23


About company Ultima School

Ultima School - an online school that enriches adults with digital skills in Brazil to maximize their earning potential. Ultima combines cohort education with the technology to make the reskilling affordable.


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Brazil has an enormous deficit of digital professionals and a large number of low-skilled workforce.

  • 58.6M People in Brazil may face upskilling and reskilling in the near future
  • 450,000 People Would be the deficit of digital professionals in Brazil by 2024
  •  by 43% The entry salary in digital exceeds the average salary in Brazil


Ultima combines cohort education with the technology to make the reskilling affordable.

01 - Content created and delivered by top market professionals

02 - Cohorts and community to guarantee high engagement

03 - Smart platform to create personalized learning trajectories

04 - Corporate partners to ensure further placement

Lecturers from leading companies
Learn from top executives Silicon Valley and Brazil
Diniz Conde
Diniz Conde
Nubank, Uber Head of Operations
“Diniz is currently Head of Operations for one of Nubank's business units. In the past, he joined Uber when the company had less than 25 employees in Brazil, until he became Head of Operations, being responsible for strategic decisions related to the growth and experience of the base of millions of passengers in Brazil.”
Suzana Freitas
Suzana Freitas
Netflix Production HR
“Currently at Netflix, Suzana has more than 15 years of experience in HR, with training in People Management and Business Management. She has worked at companies such as Disney, Intelig, Ericsson and TV Globo, in addition to having experience in the international market.”
Gustavo Sousa
Gustavo Sousa
amazon Product manager
“Gustavo is a professional with 10 years of experience in operations and strategy, most recently focused on the digital industry and technology product management. He has served as a Consultant for BCG and is currently a Product Manager for Amazon.”
Sara Zimmermann
Sara Zimmermann
Zimmermann PRO Marketing Strategist
“With more than 15 years of experience in the most varied segments at national and international level, Sara is also an undergraduate and MBA professor. His academic background is made up of institutions such as USP Esalq, Georgetown University and Harvard University.”
Raphael Lassance
Raphael Lassance
Growth Team CEO and Co-Founder
“Serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience, co-founder of Growth Team, the first growth agency in Brazil, serving more than 100 clients in 7 different countries in recent years. Reference in Digital Marketing and National Growth, elected one of the best social media professionals in Brazil by the Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce (ABCOMM) and digital marketing by Gama Academy.”
Gabriel Hamu
Gabriel Hamu
loft Marketplace Strategy and Expansion Leader
“Gabriel Hamu is a keen strategist with experience in business development and management consulting. Today, he is the Strategy and Marketplace Expansion Leader at Loft - Latin America's fastest growing unicorn startup ($2.9 billion in less than 3 years).”
Yuri Kaminski
Yuri Kaminski
digital scale Head of Growth - Finance
“Passionate about neuroscience, artificial intelligence and kitesurfing, he specializes in data for digital marketing and sales. He has 10 years of experience and more than 200 million reais in income from companies and projects he has led in Brazil, the US and Europe. In addition, he is the founder of Saga Solutions, a digital marketing and sales campaign optimization consultancy.”
Victor Miguel
Victor Miguel
Nubank, iFood Business Development and Strategy
“Victor currently works in the Strategy and Business Development area at Nubank. He has worked for companies such as iFood, Bain & Company, IBM and P & G, in the management areas. He has turned his career around with the goal of taking a place in the companies that shape tomorrow. He is passionate about people and constantly challenges current strategies towards more people-centric approaches.”
Gleb Fomichev
Gleb Fomichev
Founder & CEO
Date of Formation 2021
Number of Employees 50+
Current round Seed Round
Valuation of the current round $12M
The amount of funds raised $200.000
Average growth per week 12,58%
Expected upside (end 2024) 10х-30x
Deal Terms
Deal fee 5%
Exit fee 0%
Carried Interest 20%
Management fee 0%