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AI driven personalised marketplace for sailboat captains

Dmitrii Beznasiuk

Dmitrii Beznasiuk

Сo-founder & CEO

About the Company

SEARADAR is a 24/7 Yacht Booking ON YOUR PHONE. 

The mission is to make the yacht rental process as convenient and risk-free as possible.

We have built a product with a positive unit economy, where Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is lower than our average commission. We're successfully reshaping the €32B yacht charter market, much like revolutionized the hospitality industry 2 decades ago.

Made by Skippers for Skippers

Our clients are mainly yacht captains from EU countries and the UK. With experienced sailors among our founders and team members, we speak the same language as our clients and have a deep understanding of their needs.

We've assisted over 5000 clients to date, and our TrustPilot reviews speak to our dedication and expertise.

How We Work 

SEARADAR is often referred to as a digital agent due to our unique blend of top-notch customer service and advanced technology. We provide our clients with exclusive yacht and charter company data that is not available on the open market.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that our clients receive the best possible service and information, making their yacht rental experience seamless and enjoyable.

Key Company Highlights 🚀

Competitive and Technological Advantages

  • Advanced Algorithms: Utilizing a dataset of 50,000 captains to: Increase Conversion Rates by 1.5x: From lead to sales.
  • Reduce Operational Costs by 80%: Streamlined operations.
  • Boost Average Customer Spend by 25%: Through automatic upsales.

Strong Team

  • Deep Expertise in Marine Industry and IT: Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge.
  • Strategic Discussions: Already engaging with potential strategic buyers, positioning for future growth.

SEARADAR is the first personalised marketplace for booking sailing yachts using AI. 

Investment Attractiveness and Traction

Why Invest in SEARADAR?

  • Strong YoY Growth: Our focused strategy has resulted in substantial growth across all key metrics.
  • Increasing Efficiency: Significant reduction in Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and marketing spend while improving margins.
  • Scalable Model: Our approach is designed to scale efficiently, driving higher profitability with each new customer.
  • High Market Potential: Targeting a largely untapped €32B market segment, with plans to expand further into a €100B market opportunity post-Series A.
  • Innovative Technology: Leveraging AI and data from over 50,000 captains to enhance conversion rates, reduce operational costs, and increase average transaction values.
  • Experienced Team: Founded by industry experts with deep expertise in both the marine industry and IT, ensuring robust execution and strategic growth.

   Key Exit Strategies

  • Private Equity Acquisition:

Objective: Strengthen their marinetech vertical.

Rationale: SEARADAR’s innovative platform and rapid growth make it a valuable addition to a PE firm’s portfolio, enhancing their presence in the marinetech sector.

  • Acquisition by Top-Tier Charter Company:

Objective: Enhance their EBITDA.

Rationale: As SEARADAR is already the fastest-growing partner for leading charter companies like Dream Yacht Charter (DYC), an acquisition would significantly boost their operational efficiency and profitability. 


Invest in SEARADAR and be part of transforming the yacht charter industry. With a robust exit strategy and a clear path to high valuation, your investment is poised for significant growth and returns.

Meet Our Team
Our team is composed of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the marine industry and IT. Their combined expertise drives SEARADAR’s success and innovation.

Investors and advisors

Why Our Advisors and Investors Stand Out

  • Strategic Guidance: Our advisors and investors provide crucial strategic insights that help steer SEARADAR towards achieving its mission and business goals.
  • Vast Network: With their extensive networks and industry connections, our investors and advisors open doors to new opportunities and partnerships.
  • Proven Success: Each member of our advisory and investment team has a history of successful investments and a deep understanding of the startup ecosystem.
  • Diverse Expertise: Their diverse backgrounds and expertise across various sectors, including venture capital, early-stage investments, and real estate, bring a well-rounded perspective to our company.

The combined experience provide SEARADAR with a strong foundation for growth and success in the competitive yacht charter market.

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Dmitrii Beznasiuk
Dmitrii Beznasiuk
Сo-founder & CEO
“Serial IT entrepreneur: Emprana (successful exit 2013), Turbodealer (successful exit 2021)”
Max Terbov
Max Terbov
Co-founder & CBDO
“Founder of sailing events agency. Serial entrepreneur”
Vadim Jourdan
Vadim Jourdan
Head of Marketing & Growth
“Led marketing for 5+ B2C projects. Former co-founder of several startup projects, including a successful exit with the yacht trip marketplace Storm Crew.”
Anastasia Ananina
Anastasia Ananina
Head of Sales
“15 years in B2B and B2C sales, built 10+ sales departments from scratch”
Ivanka Nedelchuk
Ivanka Nedelchuk
Head of Customer Success
“Super professional in hospitality services ex-Travel tech startup founder ex-Radisson and ParkInn”
Dmitrii Beznasiuk
Dmitrii Beznasiuk
Сo-founder & CEO
Foundation date June 2017
Employees 38
Company valuation $21.8 M
Expected upside (2028) x15
Сurrent round Late seed before Series A
Deal fee 5%
Exit fee 0%
Carried interest 20%
Management fee (per year) 0%
Profit potential Very high
Risk potentinal Very high
Customers 5000+
Rating 4.9