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Product delivery in the UAE

Leo Dovbenko

Leo Dovbenko

Founder & CEO

About the company

Webinar with CEO & Fouder of Yalla - Leonid Dovbenko

ZOOM 22.09.23

In this webinar, Leonid talks about the success of the Yalla Hub concept and plans for the development of this area.


Webinar with CEO & Fouder of Yalla - Leonid Dovbenko

recording webinar from May 25, 23


На этом вебинаре Леонид рассказывает про запуск очередного раунда компании при оценке в 100М$, об концепции развития и масшабировании.


About company Yalla!Market

Yalla!Market is Dubai's first express delivery service for groceries from dark stores. Now Yalla couriers bring food and household goods to users in 15 minutes, fulfilling more than 15 thousand orders per month. Super fast delivery Yalla Market is an important infrastructure facility in 15-minute cities. This allows people to focus on more important things than housework - they have 2 times more time for family, career, hobbies.

The MENA Fast Commerce market is expected to reach around AED 172 billion with a CAGR of 17% by 2030, the highest among growth sectors, with food and food delivery being the main contributors to this growth.


Video YallaMarket


Key Investment Theses

  • Superfast company growth at 30-40% per month
  • Creating an absolute leader in the superfast product delivery market in the UAE and MENA in just a few years
  • Target market with an average annual growth rate of 17% for the next decade
  • Target valuation of $3.5 billion by 2025
  • Potential business growth of 25-35 times


YallaMarket - An integral part of the 15-minute city ecosystem.


NEOM - The city of the future in Saudi Arabia, uniting several 15-minute cities along a 170-kilometer coastline.

Cities along the Persian Gulf are transforming into communities where everything is within a 15-minute reach: "15-minute cities."

Dubai Marina. One of the 15-minute cities in Dubai.

Our superfast delivery is a crucial infrastructure component in these 15-minute cities. It enables people to focus on more important things than household chores, giving them twice as much time for family, careers, and hobbies.


Speed of assembly and delivery - an important factor!

Superfast Order Assembly

  • Order assembly - as fast as 3 minutes
  • Delivery - within 15 minutes


Focusing on premium products



Original marketing



The company Yalla tested advertising on vending machines, resulting in increased sales due to the new delivery format and significantly improved brand recognition. This led to a substantial increase in traffic to the website and the mobile application.


YallaHub - The Fastest Path to the Market


The New Company Development Vector

YallaHub is the teleport to the Dubai market. Yalla offers companies selling their products in other countries to use YallaMarket's infrastructure to quickly and cost-effectively enter and launch sales in the Dubai market and the entire MENA region.


Advantages Among Competitors



YallaHub receives 100 new inquiries every month.

In a comparative table of YallaHub with the major competitors, it is evident that Yalla has a clear advantage over other companies.


YallaHub aims to reach $10 million within 12 months.



12-Month Goal: Striving to achieve an annual revenue target of $10 million for YallaHub.

The company plans to process 2,800 orders daily.

Business partners
Funds have already invested
Leo Dovbenko
Leo Dovbenko
Founder & CEO
Date of Formation 2021
Number of Employees 120+
Attracted investments $14М
Valuation of the Сurrent round $100М
Сurrent round Series A
Weekly growth +10,34%
Expected upside (2025) х25-35
Collection of orders 3 min
96% of orders are completed in 15 minutes
Avg. orders per customer 2,5 per week
Items in assortment 7000
Automated stores 7
Deal Terms
Deal fee 5%
Exit fee 0%
Carried Interest 20%
Management fee 0%