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Event organization

Dmitry Lebed

Dmitry Lebed

Founder & CEO

About the company

Webinar with CEO & Founder of Alluxe - Dmitry Lebed 

ZOOM 19.10.23 



About Company Alluxe

Organizing hybrid offline and online events on our own streaming platform with AI technology integration. 

We bring together investors and entrepreneurs on a single platform, helping entrepreneurs find investments, partners, and customers, while providing investors with promising investment projects. 

Creating an ecosystem of interaction for them, including physical conferences, an online platform, content from top leaders, a community, networking, and communications.



Development of the events sector


The conference market is a highly attractive sector for businesses, and its dynamic development leaves no doubt. According to recent research, from 2022 to 2028, confident growth in this industry is expected, reaching an impressive mark of $59 billion. But it is no less important to note that the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is an impressive +11.6%, highlighting the stability and sustainability of this growth.

These facts speak for themselves and clearly indicate that the conference market offers numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs and companies looking to expand their business in this segment. Creating and hosting their own events in this thriving field will not only meet current demand but also secure a stable position in the industry, ensuring steady growth and success for the company in the future.

The statistics are taken from the website



Successful companies among competitors

  1. Web Summit hosts events worldwide: Web Summit in Lisbon, Web Summit Rio in Rio de Janeiro, Collision in Toronto, and RISE in Hong Kong.                            
    • Revenue in 2021: $71.8 million                            
    • Over 71,000 participants attended these events.                            
  2. Startup Grind Global Conference represents a global community with 4 million startups in 600 cities and 125 countries around the world.                            
    • Revenue in 2021: $153.6 million                            
    • Over 15,000 participants attended.                            
  3. TechCrunch is a major conference for technology startups.                            
    • Revenue in 2021: $267.5 million                            
    • Over 10,000 participants attended.



The company hosted three conferences

• Dubai 2023.                             
Network Conference "Investments, StartUps, Web3":

  • 142ft Yacht
  • 30+ VC funds and business angels
  • 140 guests                            

• Bali 2023.                             
Network Conference "Investments, Startups, Technologies":

  • 5-star Hotel - SereS Springs Resort & Spa
  • 150 guests                            

• Dubai 2022.                             
Network Conference "VC & StartUps":

  • 142ft Yacht
  • 30+ VC funds and business angels
  • 145 guests



Business model

The cost of services will increase from conference to conference.





  • 22% - Profitability of events in Dubai
  • 40% - Projected profitability of the event for 400 people                      
  • $39 - CAC (cost of acquiring 1 paying user)
  • $330 - LTV (revenue per 1 paying user)
  • 8.5 - LTV/CAC ($1 invested in advertising brings $8.5)


*the greater the number of participants, the higher the profitability.                            
All operating and organizational costs, personnel costs, are diffused across a larger number of participants, increasing profitability.




Multi-touch strategy. We use all available promotion channels.



Next event December 14, 2023

Dubai 400+ participants






Company goals

Alluxe strives to be a Technology Corporation that organizes hybrid events around the world on its own streaming platform with the integration of AI technologies

Making events for the audience:

  • Top entrepreneurs
  • Global companies
  • Largest funds and business angels



Ecosystem and streaming platform

“Netflix for Entrepreneurs and Investors”.



MVP streaming platform


The company’s IT solution, through which an online conference was held for 2000+ participants.                                                     

Implemented functionality:

Implemented on a modern technology stack: MongoDb, NodeJs, Vue, Nuxt.js, Docker-compose.


Road map

The company plans to hold 4 offline events with 400 to 3,000 participants over the next year. These will be both offline events and combined with online broadcasts.


Financial goals:


  • 2023 revenue $250k
  • 2024 revenue $3 million
  • 2025 revenue $9 million

12+ million total financial result




Investment terms:

  • $1.5 million - Company valuation (Dividend shares)
  • $1000 - Minimum investment amount
  • Investor receives dividends after each event. (Based on expectations, the investor will receive dividends approximately equal to the investment amount within a year.)
  • Raised through Safe in equity (share capital)


Growth of company capitalization


  • $50+ mln Projected company valuation in 3 years


Team experience:

We have been creating IT products for brands and our own startups for more than 10 years



  • Web Services
  • Mobile Apps
  • Web 3.0
  • UX/UI Design


Own IT platform

The company has been conducting online courses based on the platform for more than three years. It teaches programmers to write codes, and has already graduated more than 3,000 students. We created our own IT training platform.


Why is it interesting to invest in Alluxe?


  • Market: Large and growing, there is no monopoly, the product has global development potential.
  • Results: Created MVP, traction for clients and finances, working business model.
  • Team: Rich experience in creating businesses and startups, high-tech expertise, goals and ambitions to build a billion-dollar company. 


Dimitri Lebed
Dimitri Lebed
“More than 12 years of experience in business. Participated in the creation of 50+ IT projects”
Michail Makeev
Michail Makeev
“Senior Fullstack Developer: Node.Js (backend) Vue.Js (web frontend) Android (Kotlin,mobile) Flutter (mobile)”
Anastasia Sokol
Anastasia Sokol
“10+ years of experience in events. Over 500 organized events. Broadcast director for Match TV, Ren TV. More than 60,000 guests at 1 event.”
Dmitry Lebed
Dmitry Lebed
Founder & CEO
Date of Formation 2022
Company valuation $1 500 000 million
Expected upside +$50 million
Deal Terms
Deal fee 5%
Exit fee 0%
Carried Interest 20%
Management fee 0%