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Karlen Danielyan

Karlen Danielyan

Founder & CEO

About the company

2040World Review
ZOOM 07.04.2023


About company 2040WORLD

2040WORLD is a game universe based on a real economic model. At the heart of our gaming universe are mechanics and laws that allow players to gain new experience and pleasure from the game, as well as earn money by developing in the game world. 


Game Description

2040WORLD models the game loops that make digital goods valuable. In 2040WORLD, there is a huge range of activities, from mining, construction, trading and business to buying and selling land - all professions in the game are in demand, just like in the real world. Players will also have the opportunity to compete with each other, participate in PVP battles, etc.

The project team includes professionals with experience working with well-known game studios, and the founders of the project are competent and experienced specialists in the fields of marketing and blockchain.

In 2022, more than $7 billion was invested in the blockchain games industry. By 2030, the blockchain games market is expected to exceed $70 billion per year.


Financial traction

  • May 2022 
    Token Angel Round — $1.45M (FDV (Estimated) — $10M)
  • November 2022 
    Sale of gaming NFTs for $300k for early adopters (450 holders) 
    $2.7M Private Round Launched ($1M invested) (FDV (Valuation) — $20M)


Product traction


September — October 2022

  • Alpha testing completed
  • 10,000 registrations
  • 2040 people got access to testing
  • 743 people were tested


April 2023 
Launch of closed beta testing for NFT holders — 500 people, then — for 5000 people.


Future plans

  • Launch of closed beta testing for 500 people
  •  Launch of closed beta testing for 5000 people
  • Launch of a closed multiplayer version for 5000 people
  • Open beta launch for all user
  • Exit of the token to the centralized and decentralized exchanges
  • By the end of 2023 - 70,000 users


An exclusive gift for investors of the Regolith platform



Regolith Stone - With the help of this artifact, you can increase your production building by +1, which gives an advantage in production. 

Stone can be used at any level of the producing building. That is, you can raise the level from 1 to 2 or, for example, from 5 to 6 levels. Thus, the higher the level of the building that you want to improve, the more valuable this artifact is for you. And since the number of stones is limited, and when used, the stone disappears, then over time there will be less and less stones, and their value will increase.

To get unique Regolith stones as a gift, you need to invest in the 2040World project, the larger the amount of investment, the more stones you will receive.

  • $100 investment = 1 stone
  • $1.000 investment = 15 gems
  • $10.000 investment = 300 gems
  • $50.000 investment = 2000 gems
Partners & Investors
Team experience
Team 35+ total
Karlen Danielyan
Karlen Danielyan
Founder, CEO
“Entrepreneur, more than 5 years in investment. In the crypto industry since 2017. Focus on strategic marketing, product, and business development. Founder of the investment club - 1800 residents.”
Pavel Losev
Pavel Losev
Со-Founder, CFO
“More than 10 years in finance. Expert in strategic finance and management ”
Andrey Kudaev
Andrey Kudaev
“More than 10 years in the gaming industry. Has come a long way from game designer to head of product. Has many years of experience in managing teams and releasing games with hundreds of thousands of users ”
Sergey Lysov
Sergey Lysov
Team Lead, Senior Backend Developer
“Works in IT development for >10 years, game dev >4. Backend development on C++, server and cross-platform experience. Expert in Unreal Engine. Leads a team of developers. Passionate about IT, high-tech developments, loves learning new things and tackling complex tasks. Seeks balance between task complexity and quality.”
Mikhail Miloshevkiy
Mikhail Miloshevkiy
Art team lead
“Expert with higher education in 3D modeling & visualization >10 years. Experience leading art teams (incl. gaming). Worked in various graphic fields. Studies AI in graphics & games. Loves new techniques & programs. Believes: perfection knows no bounds.”
Vladislav Gavrilyuk
Vladislav Gavrilyuk
Technical Art lead
“Multidisciplinary expert at the intersection of technology & culture. Works in design, graphics, development >7 years. Held positions as designer, animator, game developer, art director. Diverse experience, passion, perfectionism, and ambition. Love for the product and effort - the key to success.”
Karlen Danielyan
Karlen Danielyan
Founder & CEO
Foundation date 2021
Employees 38+
Attracted in last round $1.45M
Current round Private Round
Valuation of the current round $20M
Volume of the current round $2,7M
Attracted in current round $1M
Average growth per month +8,33%
Expected upside 2024 year 5х-30x
Deal fee 5%
Exit fee 0%
Carried Interest 20%
Management fee 0%
Dividends None
Profit potential Very high
Risk potentinal Very high