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Tourism & soс. media blockchain

Edward Sinelnikov

Edward Sinelnikov

Founder & CEO


About company daGama

daGama is a blockchain platform that serves as a hybrid of a social network and a rating system for the tourism industry.

The platform brings together travelers and businesses into a community where users can earn from their experiences, rate places and services, while businesses can advertise their services and mark them on the map





DaGama Company History



The company was founded in 2017 to address issues related to fake referral services and hefty commissions, both from the customer's and business's perspective.

People are increasingly planning their own travels rather than buying packaged tours. The desire to discover new places and gain new experiences is distancing the younger generation from traditional beach vacations. At the same time, they are budget-conscious and discerning about their destinations. Packaged offers for them are becoming scarcer. This process cannot be reversed; it must be embraced.

daGama helps travelers create their own itineraries, find affordable services, all in a seamless manner within one application, thanks to trustworthy reviews. Companies save up to 80% of their advertising budgets, as daGama provides all the software for free.

The best advertisement is the satisfaction of customers!

Monetize your travels worldwide 
with the daGama app.


Achievements daGama


  1. Top 10 Startups in Russia in 2019 
  2. In 2020, the app was released in a test mode on iOS, with a community of over 120,000 people worldwide. 
  3. The app was used on all continents, and monetization began in Russia. 
  4. In total, more than 200 HORECA points were connected to the app in the testing phase in just 2 months.

Main points of daGama

daGama is an application for sharing recommendations and impressions, with 6 degrees of protection against fakes, “clean” reviews, monetization of user content and huge opportunities for growth of small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Unique monetization of user content
  • Loyalty program and payment system within the application (payment in local currency in any business on any continent)
  • Content and recommendations you can trust (6 levels of protection against fakes)
  • Easy integration with cash accounting systems (rKeeper, Iiko and others)
  • Rapidly scalable business connection model, well-developed metrics
Edward Sinelnikov
Edward Sinelnikov
“• Successful IT: success at IgroMax, ROLF, and Grand Led Systems.
• Strategic experience: 10 years at IgroMax, ROLF, and Grand Led Systems, finance, sales.
• Innovations in investment: PBI FINANCE and OnLife – innovative tokens.
• Devotion to new technologies: active researcher and investor in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.”
Victor Petrov
Victor Petrov
Creative Producer
“• Over 10 years of work experience • Created Digital projects for TASS: 6 international awards in the field of media • 25 million views across all platforms • Produced Radio and TV shows: +8 positions in user ratings • 4 years of uninterrupted live broadcasting • Worked with major corporate media: 6 established intracompany systems • 10 international competitions • Built own creative studio”
Alexey Markelov
Alexey Markelov
“• 9 years of work experience • Worked as the head of the marketing department at a top-20 digital agency in Russia. • Led the marketing department at the investment and construction company Inreit. Project growth from 10 million rubles/month to 300 million rubles/month in 3 years. • Private investor with an average annual return of over 35% for the last 3 years. • International Master of Sports in chess. • Co-author of two patents in the field of AI.”
 Anastasia Arapova
Anastasia Arapova
SMM Specialist
“• 3 years of work experience • Created stories and posts for the B2B community "Bonduelle" • Promoted the personal brand of an obstetrician-gynecologist on Instagram: gained +3737 followers in 4 months through organic growth. • Promoted the personal brand of an entrepreneur with their own business school: doubled audience engagement in 2 months of work.”
Maxim Skryabin
Maxim Skryabin
iOS Developer
“• 5 years of work experience • Launched and developed the startup FoodRocket in the USA • Supported existing and developed new in-house applications for a major Russian retailer”
Maxim Kokaya
Maxim Kokaya
Influencer Marketer
“• 5 years of work experience
• Worked with brands such as:
Technopark, Canon, Bork, Grundig, OPPO, S7, Visa, Ekomarket, GrowFood, and many others.”
Sergei Bakin
Sergei Bakin
“• 20+ years of experience
• Complex systems across various domains: oil extraction, fintech, analytics, e-commerce, culture, telecommunications, logistics, and web 3.0 projects.
• Fintech: Anti-fraud system development (2016-17)
• Analytics: UX/UI for sentiment analysis from social media (2016-2023)
• E-commerce:, fruits and vegetables online store (2015-20)
• Oil Extraction: Drilling management complex (2009-19)”


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Edward Sinelnikov
Edward Sinelnikov
Founder & CEO
Foundation date 2022
Employees 100+
Funding from previous rounds $3М
Current round Seed Round
Company valuation $35М
Size of the current round $6,5M
Exchange listing 2024
Expected upside 7x
Deal fee 0%
Exit fee 0%
Carried interest 20%
Management fee 0%
Dividends None
Profit potential Very high
Risk potentinal Very high