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Capital Future Fund
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Capital Future Fund

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Lapin Igor

Lapin Igor


About the Fund

Capital Future Fund (Kanna Capital) Review

ZOOM 06.10.2023






Kanna Capital is a private investment fund registered in the British Virgin Islands. The fund specializes in cryptocurrency trading.

The team behind the fund consists of professional investors with deep market knowledge who are able to make well-informed investment decisions.

Fund Strategy

Margin trading in short-term derivative cryptocurrency instruments.          
We use futures on the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, ATOM, etc., as the most reputable and liquid instruments. This strategy allows for consistent profitability in different market phases.


Fund Return

+373% Total return for 2022



Monthly returns throughout 2022: 

  1. +52% - January 2022
  2. +56% - February 2022
  3. +8% - March 2022
  4. +0% - April 2022
  5. +0% - May 2022
  6. +33% - June 2022
  7. +11% - July 2022
  8. +35% - August 2022
  9. +91% - September 2022
  10. +28% - October 2022
  11. +49% - November 2022
  12. +10% - December 2022




+119.93% Total return for 12 months of 2023


Monthly yield for 12 months of 2023:

  1. -28% - January 2023
  2. +28% - February 2023 (Last month's loss of -28% was recovered, +0% dividends)
  3. +38% - March 2023
  4. +10% - April 2023
  5. +8% - May 2023
  6. +5% - June 2023
  7. -5% - July 2023
  8. +39% - August 2023 (Last month's loss of -5% was recovered, +34% dividends)
  9. -7% - September 2023
  10. +9.24% - October 2023  (Last month's loss of -7% was recovered, +2.24% dividends)
  11. +32.68% - November 2023
  12. -9.99% December 2023



-17.06% Total return for 2 months of 2024

Monthly yield for 2 months of 2024:

  1. +11.25% - January 2024 (December’s loss of -9.99% was recovered, +1.26% dividends) 
  2. -19.41% - February 2024
  3. -9% - March 2024


Foundation Certificate



  • The fund is registered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI)
  • We work within legal regulation
  • We are audited and under FSC control


Who is the Kanna Capital fund suitable for?

  1. Institutional investors and individual qualified investors.        
  2. Professional organisations that act as intermediaries between investors and investees to generate income.        
  3. People with high incomes who want to increase their capital through passive investments.        
  4. Novice investors for whom passive income is primarily important, but they do not want to dive too deeply into the investment market.


How the Fund Works

Tools and principles

  • Management of risks        
    For every trade, we strictly enforce a stop loss, which limits losses to a maximum of 3% of the deposit amount. This disciplined approach helps protect our capital.
  • Risk reward ratio        
    We structure our trades with a risk/reward ratio of 1/3. For every dollar we risk, we aim to make $3 in profit. This approach ensures that even if we have more losing trades than winning trades, winning trades can offset the losses.
  • Trading platform        
    We are the official partner of Bybit. All our transactions are carried out exclusively on this platform. We are committed to a safe and reputable trading environment.
  • Order size        
    Typically our trade size is around 5%–10% of the total deposit amount:        
    - For every 5% we risk, we strive to receive 10% profit.        
    - We do not allow ourselves to lose more than 10% of the deposit in one day.        
    - Having reached the loss limit of 10%, we stop trading for the day and review the strategy.



  • We share the mindset of entrepreneurs.        
    We understand how entrepreneurs think: they take risks, feel confident in their decisions, and maintain a strategic outlook. We put ourselves in their shoes and strive to anticipate their needs in advance.
  • We value honesty.        
    We strive to provide honest and accurate information, set realistic expectations, and fulfill our commitments. 
  • We communicate directly.        
    We communicate strategic decisions transparently to our investors, fostering collaboration and a trustworthy environment.


Depositing and withdrawing funds to the fund    

  • Regolith will deposit any profits, in the form of dividends, once a month.
  • Entering new or additional investment into the fund is possible once a month, at the time of profit distribution.
  • Withdrawal of full or partial amounts of Investment is possible once a month at the time of profit distribution

Deposits and withdrawals from the fund

Applications are accepted between the 6-31 of the month.

Deposits and withdrawals will occur between the 1-5 of the month.

Deposits and withdrawals will occur between the 1-5 of the month.Deposits and withdrawals will occur between the 1-5 of the month.


Lapin Igor
Lapin Igor
“Entrepreneur, expert in the field of cryptocurrency and Web 3.0. Participated in the launch of the XDAO project. Since 2020, he has been managing a cryptocurrency fund. The fund's investors invested $1.7 million in three projects at an early stage on the recommendation of the fund.”
Bukterov Anton
Bukterov Anton
Fund Manager
“Licensed property manager in the BVI. Licensed specialist of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in brokerage, dealer, and securities management activities.”
Silantiev Andrey
Silantiev Andrey
AML specialist
“Worked with many famous startups such as EMCD.IO, (ex-Crypterium), and many others. Has good knowledge of how to structure transactions and manage legal risks. Experienced manager and dedicated specialist.”
 Margarita Lapina
Margarita Lapina
Chief Operating Officer
“Frontend engineer, entrepreneur since 2017. Thanks to deep knowledge in various fields, he has effectively managed commercial and non-commercial projects for more than 3 years.”
Lapin Igor
Lapin Igor
Formation date January 2022
Total fund return 475,3%
Fund return for 2022 373%
Fund return for 2023 119.9%
Fund return for 2024 -17,6%
Average return per month 18.6%
Deal fee 0%
Exit fee 0%
Carried interest 30%
Management fee 0%
Minimum investment period 1 month
Dividends Every month
Profit potential Very high
Risk potential High