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Regolith Village

Regolith Village

Build your own villa on a paradise island

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Regolith Company

Regolith Company


About the project

Our company is constructing a complex of villas on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand.

To date, four villas have already been sold. This is an excellent opportunity to invest during the construction phase and subsequently receive income from rental or purchase for personal use.

There are 2 options for participation:

  1. Investment at 20% per annum in our company in Thailand.   
    We manage all the processes ourselves, build, draw up documents, find a buyer and sell the house at a higher price, making money on it. You simply receive a fixed percentage for the period while the company uses your funds.   
  2. Buy the house entirely for yourself or for rent. (Rental yield 7-10% per year + possibility of growth in the value of the villa) Cost of the villa: $550,000



Review of the Regolith Village construction with Regolith CEO - Denis Kerzhemankin

review record dated February 5, 2024



Exquisite villa design

Design studio VASTU V is an independent conceptual laboratory consisting of modern specialists in the field of architecture, design, marketing and construction.

  • One of the projects received the Thailand Property Award as "Best Interior Design in Thailand 2020".
  • 100% of commercial projects were sold before completion of construction.
  • They create individual and commercial turnkey projects.
  • Our strong point is focusing on the ultimate goal - creating a unique design, selling and promoting villas for a comfortable life. Every detail in the project is thought out in detail, according to the client’s requests, marketing analysis of the market and the budget for the construction of the project.



Example of a finished project

Chandra Villa 2022. Villas in tropical eco-style on Samui. 
project Vastu V


Location of the complex Regolith Village

  • The site is located in an ecologically clean place, Bo Put district of Koh Samui
  • 5 minutes by car to the coolest Chaweng beach
  • 10-minute drive away is the large Central shopping center (the largest on Samui, very beautiful)
  • 10 minutes away is the London School, after which you are taken to the University of Cambridge
  • 30 minutes by speedboat is Thai Ibiza   
    (Phangan Island is the most party place in Thailand)
  • Samui Airport is one of the 10 most beautiful and unique airports in the world. Located 15 minutes from the place



Five minutes to Chaweng Beach

Chaweng Beach is the heart of tourist life on Koh Samui. There are five-star hotels and top restaurants here, but there are also modest bungalows and Thai eateries. This almost 8-kilometer beach is framed by a turquoise bay, like a painting: clear water, tall palm trees and exotic vegetation.



History of the island

Koh Samui is the pearl of the Gulf of Thailand in Thailand, immersed in natural beauty. With 60 islands included in Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park, it is a secluded area measuring 228.7 square kilometers. At its highest point, Khaopom Peak, it rises to 635 meters.   
The island, once isolated, has become a haven for nature. With the advent of tourism in the 1970s, then the development of mass travel towards the end of the 80s, Koh Samui acquired not only water pleasures on the beaches of the bay, but also a developed infrastructure.   
Here you can not only enjoy the beaches, but also experience the underwater world through diving or visit famous sites such as Grandparents Rock, the Aquarium, the Tiger Zoo, the Great Buddha Statue and Wat Khunaram Temple.




Koh Samui, like the entire southern part of Thailand, has two seasons:

  • The rainy season extends from May to December and the dry season covers the period January to April.
  • Many people associate the rainy season with prolonged downpours throughout the day, but this does not apply to Koh Samui. 

Even if it rains during the day, after it the sun shines brightly, the ground quickly dries out, and tourists sunbathe in the sun. August, by the way, is the peak season on the island and is considered the most preferred month to visit. Throughout the year, the average daytime temperature is +30 °C.. + 32 °C, at night - +20 °C.. + 25 °C. The water temperature is kept at +26 °C. + 28 °C.



Project creation stages

First stage 50% payment

1. Pledge and opening a company (1 month)   
We pay 10% of the project cost for the land deposit. To start checking and opening companies for construction for each house. Anton Zinoviev supervises the lawyers and will be the manager of this project. Anton has been living there for a year now, he was looking for a place and came to an agreement.

2. Planning and building permit (1 month)   
Checking the land and opening companies for each house will take 3 weeks. After opening the company, we approve the layout, then do the engineering work, then get permission to construction.

3. Project approval (1 month).    
During this time, we need to agree on the design of each house. Modernize the layout to suit you, with all your wishes. Designers and planners will adjust the layout based on a house of 200 sq.m., 3 bedrooms. They can add an office or expand the rooms if desired. The design project for interior decoration, decor, is made and agreed upon starting 5 months after the start of construction, it is fashionable to make additions to the original light design.

4. Land and start of construction (1 month)   
After opening the companies, it is necessary to pay 40% of the project cost to purchase land and begin construction. The land purchase procedure will take 1 week (5 working days).

Second stage 75% payment

5. Start of construction (2-3 months)   
Cleaning the area, removing stones. And installing piles under the foundation + pouring the foundation will take 2-3 months.

6. Construction of the box (4-7 months)   
It will begin at the end of the third month and will last 3-4 months.   
At this stage, another 25% of the project cost is paid.

Stage 3 100% payment

7. Finishing the first stage (8-10 months)   
Initial finishing along with engineering 3 months. At this stage, the last 25% of the project cost is paid.

8. Final finishing + Furniture (11-12 months)   
Interior finishing and furniture installation 2 months.



Object characteristics

  • Best ocean view
  • Two-storey house
  • Three bedrooms
  • Large terrace with swimming pool
  • Land - 500m
  • House - 185m
  • Landscape and decor
  • Parking spaces 2 for cars and 2 for bikes


Regolith Company
Regolith Company
Formation date 2022
Company valuation $3 300 000
Price of 1 villa $550 000
Expected upside 20% per year
Profit potential High
Risk potentinal High