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Online business localization

Olga Nayda

Olga Nayda

Co-Founder & CEO

About the company

Webinar with CEO and co-founder of Glocal - Olga Naida

ZOOM 20.09.23


About company Glocal

Glocal - SaaS platform which makes online business searchable around the world and provide easly content edit on 109 languages. Glocal specializes in website localization and offers a range of services in the field of international marketing and digital visibility. They emphasize local communication and content localization in native languages to enhance user trust and engagement on the internet. 


Business Development with the Power of the Glocal Global Platform and International SEO


Business Growth with the Power of the Global Glocal Platform and International SEO


What does Glocal offer to its clients:

  • Makes company websites visible worldwide
  • 109 languages and 100 countries become accessible for websites
  • Eliminates monotonous work and automates it for the company
  • Upload new content, and it instantly appears worldwide
  • Flexibility for comfort: you can manually update the website according to your needs
  • User-friendly and search engine-friendly   


Problem: Users Are Searching on Google in Their Native Language



  • Users Are Searching on Search Engines in Their Native Language
  • The competition in search engines for the English language is 50 times higher
  • The number of English-language websites does not match the number of non-English-speaking users       


Solution: SaaS Infrastructure for Websites



SaaS infrastructure for websites - Helps companies appear in search results in 109 languages worldwide. As a result, companies gain international potential customers on their websites.   


Client Traffic Before Glocal



Most companies develop their online business primarily in their native language and occasionally translate it into English. This significantly narrows the potential audience reach.


With the help of Glocal


After implementing Glocal, traffic increases significantly, SEO is optimized, and the website starts appearing in search results for new countries in their respective languages, as search engines prioritize locally relevant content.

When the site is translated into the local language, users can access information and purchase products or services in the most comfortable way for them.


How it works

The onboarding process is simple:

  1. The company selects languages.
  2. Glocal translates and optimizes all content and launches the website on a local subdomain.
  3. Done! The company attracts users to the website from around the world.





Glocal offers three pricing tiers, which differ in the amount of website content and additional features:

- Starter: $50 per month per language ($500 per year per language)   
- Essential: $150 per month per language ($1,500 per year per language)   
- Enterprise: $500 per month per language ($5,000 per year per language)

This way, a company can have automatic website support for, for example, 10 languages for just $500 per month or $1,500 per month, making it an affordable monthly expense for some companies. For others, the $5,000 per month for the Enterprise package may still be a reasonable investment as it allows them to expand their international presence across 10 languages.


Scalability is easy


  • The company sells its services worldwide
  • There are no limitations on the number of clients
  • It has a highly scalable model


The potential for company growth


  • $130 billion - Total Addressable Market
  • $13 billion - Available Market
  • $38 million ARR in 2025 - Realistically Achievable Volume


SaaS business model

Subscription and additional sales


The company sells subscriptions and generates additional sales through:

  1. Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) from its own website.
  2. Through Agents.
  3. Through partners who purchase packages."




In a comparative table, it is evident that Glocal has several advantages over competitors:

  • The company's valuation is relatively low compared to competitors, indicating significant growth potential.
  • Unlike competitors, working with Glocal doesn't require constant code installations.
  • Active SEO: Glocal-translated website pages are indexed in search results.
  • Website integration is made as comfortable as possible for business owners.    


Glocal in Numbers


  • 1020 - Leads
  • 300 - Marketing Qualified Leads
  • 30 - Purchase-Qualified Leads
  • 5 - In the Onboarding Process
  • 6 - Active Customers"


Advisors and Metors

  1. Osama Shawky: One of the founding team members at Du, serving as a Senior Global Account Manager for Fortune 500 companies. He has also worked as Senior Sales Manager at Orange (b2b partnerships), possessing extensive knowledge in B2B sales. Our Client as Thirty Sleeps
  2. Tom Kiehn: Tom played a pivotal role in the IPO of Semrush, a Marketing tech Unicorn valued at $1.8 billion. He actively supports us as a mentor, highlighting our strengths, promoting our initiatives, and extending invitations to exclusive events. He recognized our growth potential.
  3. Ibrahim AlMalki: Ibrahim is actively engaging with local companies on our behalf, including Emirates, Sharjah Coop, and others.
  4. Slava Solonitsin: helps with investment strategy, gives advice. One of the top YC investors
  5. Dima Smirnov: General Partner Flint Capital helped with strategic introductions to get the first traction
  6. Alex Sherman: is our client and partner in Israel. He helps with finding clients and investments in the region.


Glocal Company is attracting investments for company development


Attracting investments will help the company:

  1. Expand the B2B customer base to 1000+
  2. Establish legal protection and an IP Box.
  3. Scale the company.       

Investment Request:

  • Minimum Investment: $500
  • Total Fundraising in this Round: $850,000 (10% ownership stake in the company)"



Video from the CEO and Co-Founder of Glocal


In the video, Olga Naida, the CEO and founder of Glocal, invites everyone interested to support the company in its current investment round, which Glocal is conducting on the international investment platform
Business Growth with the Power of the Global Glocal Platform and International SEO


The story of Olga Nayda and the team

James Piecowye PhD & Associate Professor Zayed University since 2000



Active participation in the GCC Community

24SIX9 GCC Innovation Studio by AHOY

We are trusted
Olga Nayda
Olga Nayda
CEO & Co-Founder
“Top 10 startups founded by women according to feminno. Lecturer at Netology, Assembly Dubai and Wollongong University Dubai”
Aleksei Dolgikh
Aleksei Dolgikh
CVO & Co-Founder
“7+ years of experience at content delivery, $10B business processes pipelines. Products launch in 100 countries”
Anton Fich
Anton Fich
“• An expert in IT development, venture investment, and WEB3 with over 9 years of experience. • Successfully mentored and invested in over 15 startups. • Raised over 2 million dollars for portfolio products.”
“Lead at CIS biggest Cloud-solutions Company 7+ years of experience in tech and leadership”
“Product designer with global thinking and Stoic calm. 6 years experience in complicated product design system”
Olga Nayda
Olga Nayda
Co-Founder & CEO
Date of Formation 2022
The number of employees 20+
Company Valuation $8.5M
Deal Terms
Deal fee 5%
Exit fee 0%
Carried Interest 20%
Management fee 0%