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Video, voice & text multichat

Jason Citron

Jason Citron

Founder & CEO

About company

Discord is a new generation messenger, aimed at gamers, but later widely used among ordinary users for its convenience and non-standard solutions. 

600+ million users worldwide. 

Microsoft tried to acquire Discord, but the deal fell through. Microsoft provides Discord support for Xbox Live users, allowing them to link their Discord and Xbox Live accounts so they can connect to their friends list. 

Google and YouTube are partners of the messenger, and the integration was implemented into the PlayStation Network last year.



Integration Discord & Xbox

The integration of Xbox and Discord allows you to link your Xbox Live account and Discord, providing various features such as displaying your Xbox status in Discord, joining Xbox parties from Discord, and much more. Such collaboration has a positive effect on Discord’s reputation and attracts even more users.



Discord Chatbots

Discord supports a variety of bots and integrations, allowing you to expand its functionality and automate certain tasks.

This is a moderation bot that allows you to customise levels and create your own commands on the server. It can send personal messages to channel users, assign and remove roles, and track user activity. Additionally, the bot can congratulate users on holidays, level-ups, and more.

The most popular music bot for Discord. It can stream music from YouTube, SoundCloud, and other services. It can also pause playback, skip tracks, create playlists, and much more.

Dank Memer   
A bot for creating memes directly on the server. It has a wide range of functionality and allows you to create memes "on the fly." More than 12 million people use this bot, and its monthly audience is growing by 300,000 every month.

A bot for those who want to communicate with English-speaking players or simply translate sentences or entire texts into English. In addition, the bot checks the grammar, punctuation, and spelling in the text to make your post look perfect.



Discord is already used by over 200 colleges and universities

Eric Aaberg   
The University of Texas at Dallas

“I wanted to create a place where students could make friends digitally, find study-buddies, and even meetup with each other. Discord allows us achieve that with our server having over 3,000+ members in it no problemo! ”







Rutgers University Chess Club   
New Jersey

“From casual matches to our largest events, Discord has the tools to facilitate organized and easy communication with any number of participants. Discord lets us keep playing chess together!”







Sarah Kanga Livingstone   
Humboldt State University

“Discord gave me the opportunity to grow my student club in a virtual environment. What started off as a small dream to create a student club led to a community of almost a hundred students, faculty, and community members. The roles and moderation tools that Discord provides allows me to make connections with my peers in a safe, academic centered space.”






Discord Monetization

Discord Nitro is a premium subscription service offered by Discord, the popular communication platform. It provides users with a variety of enhanced features and benefits in exchange for a monthly or annual subscription fee.



Subscription rates

  • Custom Discord Tag: Nitro subscribers can choose their own unique four-digit Discord Tag, making it easier for friends to find and connect with them.
  • Custom Emoji: Nitro users can use custom emojis from their server across all servers they're a part of, making it possible to use unique emojis anywhere on Discord.
  • Higher Quality Screen Sharing: Nitro offers higher resolution screen sharing for both video calls and screen sharing, which is particularly useful for sharing gameplay or detailed visuals.
  • Increased Upload Limit: Nitro members can upload larger files, allowing them to share larger images, videos, and other media with their friends and communities.
  • Nitro Badge: Subscribers receive a special Nitro badge on their profile to showcase their support for Discord.
  • Server Boosting: Nitro members also receive a server's level and unlock additional server features like enhanced audio quality and custom server banners.   




Jason Citron - CEO & Founder

Jason Citron is the founder of Discord and CEO of the company. He played a key role in the creation and development of the platform. Before Discord, Jason Citron founded and led Hammer & Chisel Inc., a game development studio that worked on games like "Fates Forever."






Stanislav Vishnevskiy - CTO & Founder

Stanislav Vishnevskiy is the second co-founder of Discord and served as the Chief Technical Officer (CTO). He focused on the technical development and aspects of the Discord platform. He graduated from California State University, Northridge, and worked as a programmer for startups in Silicon Valley for several years. 

It was Stanislav Vishnevskiy who suggested to his partner to focus on creating a communication tool for gaming, which ultimately led to the creation of the Discord service.




Features of venture investments

  • The average duration of an investor's stay in a project is about five years. This period is unpredictable and cannot be predetermined.
  • You can invest in a deal at any time as long as it is available on the Marketplace and is not Sold Out.
  • An 'exit' from a transaction is possible only after the company's shares are listed on the stock exchange for trading.
  • Venture investments are generally high-risk, but also highly profitable if the shares are successfully listed on the stock exchange.
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Сelebrities on Discord
Bella Poarch
Bella Poarch
Videoblogger and singer
Lil Nas X
Lil Nas X
Musician and rapper
Streamer and content creator
YouTuber and blogger
Gamer and content creator
Streamer and content creator
Jason Citron
Jason Citron
Founder & CEO
Foundation date 2011
Number of employees 900+
Attracted investments $1 bln
Company valuation $15.2 bln
Expected upside х1,5-2
Expected IPO date Q3 2024
Deal fee 5%
Exit fee 0%
Carried interest 20%
Management fee 0%
Dividend payment None
Profit potential High
Risk potential High
Active users over 600 m
Discord certificate dated 25.02.2022
Discord certificate dated 25.02.2022

Regolith Capital Statutory Trust certificate confirming ownership of shares


Video, voice & text multichat

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