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Auto Fund
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Auto Fund

Dubai Car Rental Fund

Timur Abdrakhmanov

Timur Abdrakhmanov

Founder & CEO TimAuto

About Auto Fund

Auto Fund Review

ZOOM 13.05.2024

Auto Fund by Regolith

Auto Fund by Regolith offers investors and clients an effective business model in the car rental sector in Dubai.

The fund specializes in acquiring damaged vehicles at auctions, which significantly reduces initial purchase costs. These vehicles are then restored and rented out, providing high profitability and reducing overall business risks.

Vehicle Acquisition Process

The initial stage of the business process involves meticulous selection of vehicles to be purchased at auctions. Our experts conduct detailed analysis and choose only those cars that can be restored with minimal costs. Special attention is given to vehicles that, after repair, can yield maximum benefit when rented out

Purchasing slightly damaged vehicles at auctions allows us to acquire them at 20-30% below market value. This approach makes the business more profitable and minimizes investment risks.

Restoration and Preparation of Vehicles

After acquisition, the vehicles are sent for repair to the service centers of our reliable contractors. Thanks to established partnerships and a large volume of orders, we can achieve reduced repair costs, making the restoration process not only effective but also economically advantageous

Restored vehicles look and function as new, significantly enhancing their market appeal for rental. Each vehicle undergoes a thorough quality check before being rented out, ensuring safety and reliability on the road.

Rental Vehicles Selection

Our fleet selection is based on the analysis of the car rental market demand in Dubai. We focus on the mid-range class, making our offer accessible to a wide range of customers

Popular models include the Jac J7, Mini Cooper, Ford Bronco Sport, Jeep Wrangler, and Mitsubishi Attrage, which have high demand, averaging 10.6 months of use per year and providing stable income.

Operational Management and Vehicle Maintenance

The company takes full control of operational processes—from vehicle repair to accounting and collecting payments from renters. This ensures efficient management and cost minimization, allowing the business to operate with maximum efficiency.

Business Benefits

  • Profit maximization: High profitability
  • Saving on maintenance: Cheap repairs
  • Clear asset: Investment in physical cars that you can use
  • Ease and simplicity: Affordable investment process through the platform, we take care of the entire process and you receive dividends.
  • Stable income: Cars with high demand that are used by everyone
  • Investment security: All cars are insured

Target Profitability

The fund's goal is to achieve stable annual profits in the range of 20-30% (14-21% net profit for investors, after commission payment).

Dividend Payments and Investment Returns

Investors receive monthly dividends from the 1st to the 10th of each month. Full investment return occurs 12 months after the start of the investment, with the option to withdraw funds within 30 days after submitting a request.

Features of Fund Inflows and Outflows

The minimum investment amount in Auto Fund is $20,000, with a transparent commission system:

  • 0% for entry
  • 30% of profit
  • 0% per year for management

Investing in Auto Fund opens up prospects for profit in the dynamically developing car rental market in Dubai, offering stable income and low risk levels. This approach not only enhances profitability but also contributes to sustainable resource use, positively impacting the social and environmental well-being of the region.

Timur Abdrakhmanov
Timur Abdrakhmanov
Founder & CEO TimAuto
Formation date October 2022
Asset valuation $360 000
Number of cars 20+
Expected ROI per year 20-30%
Deal fee 0%
Exit fee 0%
Carried interest 30%
Management fee 0%
Minimum investment period 1 year
Dividend payment Once every month
Profit potential Medium
Risk potentinal Low