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Invest business club and сrypto fund

Anton Belyakov

Anton Belyakov


About Club

FRANClub - investment business club, where each participant invests in a crypto fund and becomes a co-owner of all club assets, earning profits from the performance of these assets. Participants also gain access to monthly club events, masterclasses, networking opportunities, joint premium tours, and various bonuses. The club's unique feature is that members are not required to pay regular subscriptions or membership fees. Access to the club is granted through an investment in the club's fund, and this investment remains the participant's asset, refundable upon exiting the club.

Upon joining the club, each participant invests a small amount, which goes into the club's crypto fund and is invested in various crypto assets. This allows club members to achieve good returns and invest in new asset classes, even without expertise in cryptocurrencies, venture capital, etc., while enjoying a profitable outcome.


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Club Features

Investment Model: Club participants invest funds in the club's crypto fund. The fund's analysts invest funds in crypto assets and NFTs. Recommendations and signals are provided. Profit potential of up to 100x. Risk control and conservative strategies.

Asset Co-Ownership: Each club participant is a co-owner of all club assets. Profit from these assets is distributed among participants according to their investments.
Unique Features: No regular subscriptions or membership fees. Access to the club is granted through an investment in the club's fund. Participants' investments remain their assets and are refunded upon exiting the club.
  • Live broadcasts from experts.
  • Meetings with project CEOs and experienced investors.
  • Educational content.
Leisure & Networking:
  • Regular club meetings in Moscow, Dubai, and other cities.
  • Entertainment, sports, and gastronomic events.
  • Outbound travel tours and joint family trips.
Asset Diversification: The club's crypto fund invests in various cryptocurrency assets - DCA, DeFi, Futures trading, Staking, Presales, etc., ensuring portfolio diversification and the potential for good returns. Investments in projects that include the opening of physical establishments, for example, restaurants, beach clubs, hotels, and real estate.


ZOOM meetings FRANClub

ZOOM 31.10.2023


ZOOM 11.10.2023


Speaker: Denis Doktorov (investor, crypto blogger and web3 project analyst)

Topic: “What to buy during the Bearish cycle? How to analyse crypto projects so as not to lose money and take profits on time”


ZOOM 04.10.2023

Speaker: Mike Alekseev (IT entrepreneur, investor, researcher, expert on the use of neural networks in business)

Topic: "How neural networks change business processes and help solve business problems."

ZOOM 28.10.2023

Speaker:  Alexey Andrienko (luxury real estate broker at Ax Capital agency in Dubai, UAE)

Topic: “Investment in Dubai real estate. How to make greater returns and protect yourself from risks?”


FRANClub members


150+ club members with solid results, good values ​​and unique expertise in various fields.

If you have any additional questions, you can write to the CEO of the club, Anton Belyakov.

Anton Belyakov
Anton Belyakov
Formation date 2022
Participants 160+
FRANC on Blur
Fund's current valuation $296 256
Growth -7,13%
Deal fee 30%
Exit fee 0%
Carried interest 20%
Management fee 0%
Minimum investment period 1 year
Dividends None
Profit potential Low
Risk potentinal High


Invest business club and сrypto fund

$929 Min. amount