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Commodity Fund
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Commodity Fund

Goods and Raw Materials Arbitrage




About the Fund

Commodity Fund Review        
ZOOM 07.09.2023  


Commodity Fund

The foundation specialises in trading operations and arbitrage of commodity and raw material groups. 

The uniqueness of the foundation lies in the flexibility and variability of the applied investment strategies and approaches, capable of providing investors with a stable monthly return of 4-6% with a minimum investment period of just one month.



The Fund's profitability


  • The fund's return was +95.49% over 20,5 months.
  • The average monthly return was +4.66%.
  • The fund consistently improves its efficiency and aims for a 6% monthly return.


Advantages of the fund:


  1. Commodity and Raw Material Arbitrage: Our fund actively employs commodity and raw material arbitrage methods, allowing for profit generation based on price differences for the same commodity on different markets or at different times.           
  2. High Liquidity: The minimum investment period is just 1 month, ensuring high liquidity for your investments and the ability to easily adjust your investment strategy according to the current market conditions.           
  3. Stable Returns: An average monthly return of 4-6% enables substantial long-term profits, distributed as dividends twice a month to the investor's account balance.           
  4. Risk Diversification: Investing in commodity and raw material assets allows for portfolio diversification and shields investments from fluctuations in other markets, such as the stock market or real estate market.           
  5. Transparency and Control: Investors can monitor the status of their investments and the level of profitability in real-time.


Why do we choose gold?



  1. Gold production is increasing by 4% per year, while consumption is growing by 30%. Refineries always have buyers in the form of banks.           
  2. The purchase price in the DR Congo is reflected with a discount of 12-16% off the spot price on the London Metals Exchange.           
  3. We work with a trusted partner company in the DR Congo; they have the necessary licenses and permissions for purchasing and exporting gold from the entire DR Congo.           
  4. During periods of financial instability, gold remains a reliable asset for wealth preservation. It's a commodity that is always in short supply, with demand guaranteed by a queue for deliveries.


Government Quality Guarantee

The origin of the metal and the path from the quarry to the refinery are meticulously traced to ensure the financial security of each export transaction.



  • CEEC           
    The Certification, Expertise and Evaluation Centre is a government agency responsible for conducting laboratory analyses, providing reports on the non-conflict origin and purity of the metal, determining the gold content by weight, certification, payment verification, and storage.
  • OOC           
    Office Congolaise du Contrôle is a state institution that ensures compliance of exports with international agreements, standards, and contractual provisions in terms of quality, quantity, and price. It guarantees that exported products meet the requirements of the international market to ensure their competitiveness.
  • Division Mines           
    Division Mines, or the Mining Division, is a state entity that oversees all departments within the Ministry of Resources in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). It is responsible for complete control over the transaction and issuance of certificates for the transportation of products from the mining industry.


Main steps of the process



  1. The seller brings the metals to the OXOR CAPITAL KALEMIE office (confirmation of quality, content and weight) (purchase of a few grams for testing);
  2. Melting of metal. Examination and weighing;
  3. Redemption of a batch of metal (payment to the supplier), transfer of ownership of the metal to OXOR CAPITAL;
  4. The OXOR CAPITAL KALEMIE office delivers metal to CEEC. Security is provided during delivery;
  5. Examination in CEEC (preparation of state quality assurance);
  6. Registration of export documentation in CEEC and OCC. The metal remains in CEEC;
  7. Packaging and sealing;
  8. The shipping company takes the metal and documents from CEEC;
  9. Delivery procedure in accordance with the agreement with the carrier;
  10. Delivery of metal for refining;
  11. Carrying out examination at the refinery;
  12. Payment of metal by the refining company to the importer;
  13. Payment of profit from the importer’s account.

Partner company OXOR CAPITAL SARL in the Republic of Congo

The company OXOR CAPITAL SARL formed in 2012 as visiting geologists to the gold mines.

In 2021, the Company began to carefully examine transactions with gold and precious stones from the DR Congo in Dubai and Turkey. Currently they are examining the work of two co-op miners. OXOR CAPITAL SARL deals with the complete cycle of agreements and permits for purchase and export.


Photos from Africa



Photos from Moscow



One of the foundation's activities is gold arbitrage from Moscow to Dubai.

In Moscow, a slightly different process takes place compared to Africa. While we buy directly from miners in Africa, in Moscow, we acquire ready-made bank gold bars and then sell the metal to a Refining Plant in Dubai.

We fix the buying and selling rates simultaneously with the purchase of the bars, losing a bit in profitability due to rate fixation with the buyer. However, this way, we precisely know how much we will earn before starting the next cycle.


Investment terms


  • $500 - Minimum investment size
  • 30% - Profit commission
  • +4.7% per month - Current average return (3.3% average net profit after deducting commissions)

The Commodity Fund offers you an opportunity to achieve stable profits through diversified commodity trading while maintaining high liquidity and investment transparency. We provide unique opportunities for investors seeking reliable and high-yield investment strategies.


Features of fund inflow and outflow

  • Regolith distributes profits to investors twice a month, in the form of dividends
  • New or additional investments into the fund are allowed a maximum of 2 times per month, at the times of profit distribution.
  • Withdrawal of full or partial investment is allowed a maximum of 2 times a month, at the times of profit distribution.
Formation date September 2022
Historical ROI 95.49%
ROI for 2022 14%
ROI for 2023 59.71%
ROI for 2024 17.57%
Average ROI per month 4.66%
Deal fee 0%
Exit fee 0%
Carried interest 30%
Management fee 0%
Minimum investment period 1 month
Dividends Once every two weeks
Profit potential Very high
Risk potentinal Medium

Commodity Fund

Goods and Raw Materials Arbitrage

$500 Min. amount